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Hello Radiant One

I’m Mariaestela,
Teacher, Facilitator, Catalyst &
Host of The Magdalene Voices.

I support The Magdalene Rising like you in the expansion, upgrade and uplevelling of your business and life.

Through Sacred Sessions I support the revealing of the knowledge you already possess and couple it with inspired action so that you may continually serve your ever expanding circle.

Holding deeply sacred space as you commit yourself to fully embody your dharma. Your souls work and life’s work.

In my show The Magdalene Voices I give voice to those silenced for centuries by joining in Sacred Conversation with Beautiful, Illuminating Souls doing their Souls work and life’s work to inspire and empower my listeners worldwide.

If you’d like to join me in a life led by love I encourage you to join my Sacred Circle to stay updated on upcoming shows, articles, offers and services.

Many Blessings,

xo, Mariaestela
Mariaestela, Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator

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Are You a Magdalene?

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