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The Magdalene Voices – Anaiya Sophia, Sacred Sexuality

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Anaiya Sophia. Joining in Sacred Conversation with Anaiya Sophia and have her share her many years of wisdom, experience and intuitive knowledge was such a profound blessing. There's a still, strong current that runs through this woman and out onto us who are blessed to be in the space [...]

Create – it’s time

It's time. If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below You know that book you’ve been wanting to write? It’s time. Or maybe it’s not a book… Maybe it’s building a nourishing community, planning a magnificent retreat, creating your brilliant signature course or your new amazing service. (As is the case for many of my [...]

Summer Solstice Review

Summer Solstice Review If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below The Summer Solstice is fast approaching marking the midpoint of our year. With it comes an amazing opportunity for gentle self reflection and contemplation as well as getting clear on your 2nd. half of the year before gearing down for the summer, if you’re [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Ke’oni Hanalei, Fern Medicine

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Ke'oni Hanalei. Fern medicine - up until the end of March/beginning of April I had no clue there was such a thing... that is until I found Ke'oni Hanalei from Pō While I have long since realised that much bigger forces than I, am at play [...]

Is your self care really self sabotage?

Is your Self Care really Self Sabotage? If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below First off let me emphasise how much I value and honor the importance of self care, taking time off and resting. I believe it to be of the utmost importance which is why one of the main stables of my work is [...]

11 Benefits of joining a paid Mastermind

11 Benefits of Joining a paid Mastermind. If you prefer to hear the audio version of this article click below While I cannot speak about the benefit of every paid mastermind out there, I can speak about the benefits of my 6 month Mastermind, The Magdalene Rising and while these benefits form the structure of The Magdalene Rising Mastermind, [...]

Mariaestela, Private Business Mentoring, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst, Facilitator

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