The Magdalene Voices – Keri Nola

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Keri Nola. Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we were able to hold space for each other? If we all knew that when someone lashes out it’s because they are truly hurt within? If we all knew that when someone belittles or judges the judgment they pass on themselves is far greater? If we all knew that when someone bullies or abuses they themselves have mostly likely experienced cruel bullying and abuse? What if we were able to hold space, [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Layla Saad

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Layla Saad. When Layla and I came together for our Sacred Conversation one Tuesday afternoon we had originally intended for our conversation to be about Layla’s unveiling as a black muslim woman. However in the weekend before our recording white supremacists, neo-nazists and KKK marched openly in Charlottesville, Virginia. This sparked Layla to write a profound temple letter called “I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy” – a letter that, if you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Suzanne Anderson MA

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Suzanne Anderson MA You know how you sometimes stumble upon a book wishing you'd found it sooner? That's how I felt when a dear friend recommended Suzanne and her co-author's book "The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead." It would however have required for Suzanne to have written and published the book sooner and we all know that Divine Timing is perfect timing with lessons learned. Suzanne has a beautiful way of "weaving the worlds" combining her [...]

The Magdalene Voices – Tricia McCannon

The Magdalene Voices Mariaestela in Sacred Conversation with Tricia McCannon You know how meeting someone you instantly know you're going to be friends? That's how it was for me meeting Tricia McCannon. In fact it happened way before we actually met when I picked up Tricia's book "Return of the Divine Sophia; Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of Jesus, Isis and Mary Magdalene" which is why I am thrilled that Tricia is the very first guest on The Magdalene Voices. Tricia is an outstanding teacher and speaker, her work goes deep. Very deep. Being an [...]

The Magdalene Voices

The Magdalene Voices Welcome to The Magdalene Voices Radiant One! In this pre-episode you'll learn: Everything The Magdalene Voices is about. My 3 main intentions with The Magdalene Voices. Who you can meet on The Magdalene Voices. Once you’ve heard it I hope you'll not only subscribe but share it with as many as possible. Watch The Video Listen to the Podcast Loved what you heard? Click here to subscribe on iTunes. Are you a Magdalene? [...]

If God always forgives…

If God always forgives, how can there be a hell? If God always forgives and there’s always a new tomorrow how can there be a hell? That was the question my 14 year old self asked my minister one night during the course of my confirmation preparations. Disbelief While I do not remember his answer, I very vividly remember my visceral reaction of disbelief coursing through my body and mind. What he told me made absolutely no sense and so I abandoned God. Well, that is, of course not until after the confirmation where I wore the beautiful dress my aunt the seamstress had made, together with [...]


Meditation Meditation is a deep prayer connecting you with your Source. It is your direct communication and link to God, the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother, The Universe, Sophia Christ, Mother of All. Meditation, communion, contemplation, prayer, stillness within - while you may call it by many names, meditation is a time where you sit in silence and allow the Kingdom of Heaven within you to permeate your entire being. A time where you move into the space where nothing and everything exists, into the realm of non-duality, the space of I AM, the space of complete and utter silence and peace where everything can be heard. That space lives [...]

How true denial can propel you forward.

How true denial can propel you forward Have you ever had something you just wanted to go away and so you tried ignoring with all of your might only to have the very thing you’re trying to avoid blow up in your face leaving you to deal with all of the pieces and mess?Ignoring never works.It is the same as suppression and will only allow whatever you’re choosing not to acknowledge or look at to be fuelled and grow in the shadows, chaining you down, consciously or unconsciously.What you can do, and what does work is to deny whatever it is, an affect on you. While choosing [...]

How to know if you’re operating out of love or fear…

How to know if you're operating out of love or fear. A simple way of knowing whether you’re operating out of fear or love is to notice the level of speed, need and necessity involved. The more you need something in order to do or be anything, and the more it needs to happen right this very moment and the more it HAS to happen because you will not be able to continue otherwise, the more fear is driving. Simply put: Fear is fast and frantic. Love is slow and deliberate. When in a car, who’d you prefer the driver to be? The one who will take [...]

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