If your business & life was a movie… what would you see?

Would you wanna see your own life as a movie?Up until not too long ago, I'm not sure I would. Now I know that I alone hold the key to every scene played out so beautifully in my movie, even the so-called bad parts. Honestly, there are certain parts I still wouldn't want you to see. I'm not hiding them, I just haven't completely forgiven myself in those areas. I haven't chosen to rewrite the script, haven't completely and fully chosen love in those areas of my life. But I'm working on it. One at a time I'm getting there. "The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, [...]

Holy encounter

The Holy encounter During my ACIM studies over the weekend this quote struck a cord with me and resonated. "When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself." - A Course in Miracles It goes to show how nothing ever is outside of ourselves, but is always created by our inner decision in choosing to see with either fear or love. Returning of the Power It's so beautiful in giving us [...]

Love – it’s so simple…

...that it's complicated. Love in business "Fear complicates, Love simplifies." We humans, you and I or rather our Ego has a tendency to complicate things way more than they really are. To actively choose a business and a life based in love is not a carnival ticket to more clients and greater insight. It's continued work, that at times a can seem unbearably demanding. In fact it requires something we humans (at least in the beginning) are the most hesitant and least willing to give; namely trust and surrendering. Trusting the plan we cannot see the full picture of and surrender of the control, we believe, we have. It's not you [...]

6 tips to use love in your business

Love your business - use these 6 tips Fear and Ego will be ever present as long as we choose it; in our lives as well as our businesses. Love your business, implement some or all of these 6 tips.   1. Blessings You're not only part of the divine, you are divine. You're an extension of the divine, and nothing but pure love. You can only create in the image you were created - love. You're so powerful that you have absolutely no clue. Whenever you're about to begin a new project, bless it. Start your day with a blessing. Start every new task, meeting or meal with a blessing. [...]

A Course in Miracles – Beginners Guide

A Course in Miracles - Beginners Guide Welcome to this "A Course in Miracles" Beginners Guide Whether you've only just recently discovered the Course or it's been calling you for a while, I welcome you to this A Course in Miracles Beginners Guide. My intention is to touch upon the most common questions I encounter in my work with the Course. Questions I have had from clients, students and friends over the years, as well a reflection of the questions I was looking to have answered when I first started out. This guide will expand as more questions arise. If you want to [...]

Move over, you’re in the way

Move over, you're in the way... My clients often come to me with the fear of being judged. Fear of what others will think when you start to follow your own heart. Following the call resonating from deep within… You're in the way. You're in your own way... First let's define "I". Essence Your essence is the "I" who's your purest self. It's the essence of everything you are, have been and forever and always will be. It's your core, unchangeable, eternal through time and place. It's pure love and knows nothing else. It is. It's your connection to all that [...]

Ego and Separation – You don’t have to do anything

Wanna know a secret? You're perfect, whole and complete - just as you are... Now if you’re anything like me, that sentence might bring up some frustration and irritation, which is completely normal and natural. Accepting who you truly are based not on external factors, but the who you've been since beginning and will always be; can be one of the most difficult tasks we undertake when embarking on the lifelong journey of any spiritual pratice. The Ego will have you think that you NEED to DO something in order be anything, but it's simply not true. A Course in Miracles [...]

It’s all about love – for you and your business

It's all about love. What would your business be like, if all of your decisions were based in love instead of fear? If you insisted holding yourself in kind and loving regard always? How would that be? It's super easy to choose love, when you're met by it. To smile when others smile. However it's quite a different task when all you're being met by it frustration, fear, irritation, bitterness and sour faces. A Course in Miracles teaches us that only love is real. "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists." You are one giant energy field of love. [...]

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