I’m blessed to work with the most amazing clients…

Here’s what they have to say about our time together…

Sophia Noelle Aaland

Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor

“Mariaestela sees into your soul…

If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny.

She is a kick-ass business mentor, agony aunt, and best friend that propels you to success without it feeling like drudgery! She doesn’t give you systems! She helps you find your unique perspective and supports you fully in evolving your business and your entire life in a deeply soulful but down-to-earth way.”

Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Violetta Pleshakova, Client Love, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Coaching

Violetta Pleshakova

Transformational Trainer, Intuitive Mentor & Magdalene Devotee

“Mariaestela combines savvy business insight and strategy with deeply mystical inspiration.

Hers is a presence of a truly honorable and humble teacher, the one who illuminates everyone around her, sees the best and evokes the best.

What a miracle!”

Manda Stack, Energy Clearing

“Mariaestela’s blend of experience, skills, and openness to divine guidance is unique.

Best part about working with you was renewing my trust in myself to do what I need to do.

Your guidance lit a fire in me to move forward and I feel more focused and confident.

Client Love, Manda Stack, Spiritual Business Coach, Mariaestela
Agnieszka Bera, Spiritual Business Mentoring, Mariaestela, Facilitator, Catalyst

Agnieszka Bera, Yoga Teacher

Kundalini, pregnancy & Women

“Working with Mariaestela changed my business completely. I have realised what I really want to do and I have learned how to achieve my goals effectively. She is a big inspiration and motivation. Her support is so important for me.”

Before working with you I was not sure if I really needed help or how working with you would help me, at the same time it was a big investment for me so I was not sure I should do it; however one of my best friends recommended you; saying how you are very spiritual and working from the heart, Business but still from the heart.

During our time together, the biggest change I experienced was realising what I really want to work with and going for it. Before I had so many ideas, Working with you helped me to not only find my business but actually do something about it.

I also realised how hard I was on myself and that I can slow down and still achieve my goals. I realised that all blocks are just in me and that I have the power to remove them.

I leave everyone of our sessions with so much inspiration, feeling like I can just do it.

The biggest difference I have experienced is that while I am still working hard, things have calmed down and I am remembering to centre myself, to breathe and connect throughout the day.

Working with you..

  • I have found what I want to work with.
  • I realised I can charge much more for work I do.
  • I am more disciplined and effective in planning my day.
  • I feel more confident.
  • I am way more productive, actually getting things done.

Raine Boyd, artist & webdesigner

“My sessions with Mariaestela were transformational. I felt so safe and secure sharing with her my biggest blocks. Even though cutting straight through the source of all the fog and BS my mind was creating, she did it always with love, care and support. I felt reinvigorated peeling off each layer that was weighting me down and opening up room for the goodness within me — Always through love. ♥ THANK YOU so much! ♥

If I were to recommend you I would say to the person that is all about love. Return to love and remembering their own love and purpose with love.

Journey with me, Raine Boyd, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator

Lisbeth Hjort, Praise, Mariaestela, Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles,

Lisbeth Hjort, Photographer

“When I contacted you I was at a point where it was: grow or die. Another term for from fear to love, but I knew from seeing the results of you working with a dear friend of mine that you where the right one for me.

I don’t know where to begin in explaining the changes that have occurred while working with you. You have been the best travelling partner I could imagine as you consistently held up a mirror showing me a better version of me and my photography than I even could dream of.

Listening to the sessions afterwards always made me happy and have helped me through days where I lost the belief in myself for a moment. When we first met, my wings where so bruised by my interpretations of my own experiences of life as me and as a creative business owner, that I hardly dared anything – fearing the pain afterwards. And now I fly! Not as high or long as I trust I can, instead: I TRUST life, the Universe and myself and I know by heart I’m halfway there.

The best part about the sessions have been the presence I’ve experienced. Presence is when only the moment between us exist and this is what I ve experienced in our sessions. I think I have come to this world with a HUGE longing for presence and thankfully I give this myself. Being seen by you, holding up the mirror so I can see for myself, has made a huge impact!

The advantages of working with you have been incredible.

I feel strong and dedicated in choosing love – always. This helps me trusting silent periods in my business, knowing now is the time to digest what I’ve learned, and act on next steps that brings me closer to my vision and intentions for both my professional and personal life. Without this trust I would panic.

I will use what I’ve learned going forward. I have made a list of what I’m working on now and I can see what I have learned sticks deep inside so it’s a point of no return. I am standing up for myself more and more and letting myself shine.

In other words, the hiding game is over and I have promised myself to play with being visible out on the web so I actually can be found and thereby hired.

Before I hardly dared to show up anywhere and for sure not share what I do.

Before I was stuck in a feeling of not having enough – of everything really. Now I realise that I’m half way to my goal meaning that my cup is half full not half empty.

I have gone from sticking my head in the bush and not taking responsibility for myself and my business to prioritising the important things. And today I:

  • prioritise administration, structure and accountance every 2nd. week
  • prioritise creative time which can be meditation, reading, exhibitions, photographing for my project, walks and days of research, understanding and defining.
  • choose love several times on a daily basis.

Before my focus was deadlines most of all.

Today I choose love! And I breathe through fear and listen to inspiration. And thereby I listen to myself and acknowledge myself and this let me slowly grow stronger instead of before, where doubt and fear was nourished by my feeling lack of worth.

I want to say to others considering working with Mariaestela:

Be ready to rock your boat if you are ready to trust the journey! Give up resistance and let a different view on “reality” come forth.

I have discovered that growing my business is an inside job, and nourishing AND choosing me is a top priority everyday. Only by that I will prosper.

Anne Goncalves, yoga teacher and holistic coach

Working with Mariaestela is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business.

Business wise I’ve gone from strength to strength with her support.

For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world.

I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Mariaestela is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!

I highly recommend working with Mariaestela. It’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business.

Anne Goncalves, Praise, Mariaestela, Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

grethe lous, Mariaestela, Spiritual, Coach, ACIM

Grethe Lous, Energy Mentor

I was SO nervously excited about working with you, as it was one of the first times I actually reached out and asked for help with my business.

It was very vulnerable both being open about my challenges but also approaching someone I didn’t know before hand and ask for help. However all of my concerns vanished once I’d had my free consultation with you – I was SO ready and felt we were a perfect match!

One of my biggest take aways, is something I think I’ve mentioned after each and every session.


Clarity on all levels, both within me and in all areas of my life – physically, mentally, spiritually in both business, relationships, family and financially I’ve become WAY more clear – YEAAHHH!!!!

Another bonus has been the peace of mind. Because you took everything I had on my mind and structured it so I could make informed decisions. I was able to clearly choose, to say yes or no. Which has been such a relief.

The more passionate offerings I actually executed upon and put out into the world, the calmer I’ve become inside and out.

Step by step you supported me in building my business the way I’ve always envisioned it in my mind, but couldn’t create in reality.

When I started working with you my business was a vision that lived only in my mind, now it’s a reality!

I felt lovingly but firmly guided. It was hard work but such a loving process. You taught me to work in a more soft and feminine way and have shown me I can get more done without having to work so hard at it.

I am very happy over having stepped fully into the world, out into the light with what I can and am good at – and being able to do that and at the same time lift other women touches me deeply.

Today I work way more seriously with my business than before.

and even though I’ve become way more serious my experience is actually that I play more in my business. It’s easier and more fun even in the periods where I work more for example when I’m launching a new product.

Thank you for our time together Mariaestela – You’re very unique with you heart and soul’y approach to business.

Hanne Østergaard, Webshop Owner & Online Consultant

Before working with you I considered whether or not we’d be a right match, if you’d be the right one for me, because that’s important for me.

You quickly added a spotlight to the areas where I selfsabotage and dissolved the blockages I’ve created for myself throughout time.

You made me voice issues I never dared even thinking about!

The trust and respect you show me is incredible. I cannot outrun you – you keep me on track and at it.

As soon as I start to create obstacles for myself – I only need to send you a mail or text and straight away you let me know how to stop that process and get back on track. Sometimes you also let me find the solution on my own – and in that teamwork I find that miracles occur. Because it truly is miracles that you facilitate.

You’ve guided me to deeper than I dared go on my own.

You’ve taught me to STOP when things start to become weird, tedious, unmanageable. To throw light and love at the situation, to find the core of an issue and to listen to what comes up.

It’s the crazzzziest shit.

It’s solved A TON of challenges for me.

You’ve given me SO many tools. My toolbox is now filled with words, exercises, examples, tips and love. Best of all is that I’ve tested these tools thoroughly with you, and you’ve given me time and space to work with them on my own along the way.

It’s not just words!

I’d highly recommend you. There’s an immense depth to what you do.

Everything has changed. Both business wise and privately.

It’s all the things – deep inside of me that’s changed the most. It shows in my trust and faith to my business. And thus also in my personal life.

– If there’s one thing I could’ve done differently I wouldn’t have waited so long to hire you!

Hanne Oestergaard, Praise, Coach, Transformation

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Susanne Stilling, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan University College

Mariaestela held a 2 day career workshop for the graduating class of bachelors at Metropolitan University College, Global Nutrition and Health.

With a mix of insight, experience and openness Mariaestela got every one of the students to open up and see their own potential in their future careers.

Mariaestela is good at meeting the students in the present moment are and in supporting them in prioritising and pursuing their career goals.

Throughout the workshop Mariaestela had prepared several exercises to help the students through the process both here and now but also for later in life.

It’s been a pleasure working with Mariaestela in planning and executing this workshop, executed with empathy and love, but also very professionally.

I am certain that the students not only now – but will continue to later on – benefit greatly from their experience of this workshop.

Here are some of the feedback the students gave following the workshop:

”Thanks for your great energy, knowledge, love, presence and empathy.”

“Inspiring. You are an excellent example that you can be absolutely what you want to be.”

“I’ve learned what is really important to me, and what I’m expecting for my career.”

“Now, I know how to continue my life as an educated health professional.”

About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

Camilla Frydenlund, Body therapist

You have the rare ability to both listen and coach.

It’s been a pleasure and I’ve felt so safe with your guidance.

Your unique intuition and sense of what’s right for me is amazing. Damn’ you’re good! It’s been a pleasure and I’ve felt so safe with your guidance.

I would recommend you any time of the day because you’re extremely good at what you do, professional and supportive – all the way!

Kira Gall Henriksen

Mariaestela’s mentoring is absolutely amazing. More than once has she surprised me with the angles she takes and she incredible in helping you figure out exactly what you need to do. I love her accessibility. She’s very flexible and available.

I highly recommend you. You’re so incredibly good at making each individual see their own key. You pose clear, precise and direct questions into helping you figure out WHY, which is the absolute most important question when you want to elevate your business.

You’re also amazing with guidance to both content, the visuals and not the least the technical. With you by one’s side you stand very tall and strong.

About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

Merethe Borgart, Dog Expert

Mariaestela’s been worth gold to me when I was in a specific business situation and needed valid input. Getting her input, business mindset and watchful eyes on things ensures a WAY better result.

Mariaestela’s experience and expertise within her field is something everyone can benefit from, no matter your field of business.

She’s not only worth gold business wise but also personally and economically. Because of her I’m wiser and smarter about things I had previously no clue. It something that’ll stick with me as move forward – her guidance is solid and everlasting. It’s not the last time I’ve worked with Mariaestela.

Janne R. Mortensen,
Sports Psychologist & Mental trainer

Mariaestela has taught me to believe in succeeding. She’s given me ideas for development of my business which I never would have seen or come up with myself.

I feel as though she stepped right into me and my business and got to know me deeply in a a very short time.

Her ability to listen, pose the right questions and being present with you in the moment is very unique.

About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in Miracles

Annie Dorthe Sandholm, Flower Entrepreneur

Mariaestela’s support and faith in me is priceless.

She sees opportunities and possibilities I never would have seen myself.

Mariaestela’s input, ideas and her unique way of dealing with me is amazing – without her I would have many sleepless nights and TONS of grey hair.