You’re good…

– and I don’t mean just good good.

No you…

You are really really good at what you do.
There’s no situation that you cannot walk into and figure out in 2 minutes flat.
No task that you cannot complete and get done.
No obstacle that you cannot overcome.

Challenges excite you, thrill you. You find a way to get the job done. Always.

You’ve got not only skills, but beauty and brain.

You’re the full package.
The real deal.
A triple threat many times over.

You’ve got heart, courage and stamina.

It is not something you were taught.

No, you, you were born this way, spirited and full of willpower, a true leader.

Meant to serve the world deeply, on a higher level.

If you’ve found your way here, chances are…

You are…

  • An allround badass.

  • Very good at what you do.

  • A leader within your field.

  • A Professional Executive or a Self-Made Woman.

  • Making good money.

  • A High Achiever.

and have…

  • A rewarding and thriving career.

  • An amazing family. (with the usual kinks)

  • Beautiful kids doing well.

  • A close-nit group of friends.

  • The house, the car, the shoes.

  • a need for more…

But something’s off…

You have everything your 25 year old self thought you wanted…

You should be happy…

However the more you acquire; material possessions, new positions, accolades and achievements the less deeply fulfilled you feel and you fear stepping outside of the box and redefine success on your terms…

I am here to tell you that there is another way.

A way to allow your intuitive knowing drive the actions you take.
A way to live a purpose filled life aligned and in-sync with your beliefs and knowledge.
A way to uplift and inspire while staying connected and alive.

allowing your ideas, insights and knowledge to flourish for the benefit of all.

A way to give and have.
A way to live and love.

How would that be?

To live knowing:

You live and speak your truth?
You thrive and experience deep seated peace and happiness from deep within?
You use your God given strengths and talents serving all?


There is a reason you overcame a seemingly rough childhood.
There is a reason you experienced challenges and hardships and deal and dealt with them the way you do.
There is a reason you feel there’s something more, something else calling you.

Because there is.

You were brought into this world to be at the forefront of change.

Of unifying, uniting the world. Of doing things differently.

All of this you could not be doing had you not been prepared.

Prepared by:

Having to live through tough situations.
Having to overcome what may have seemed like insurmountable obstacles.

And you are ready.

You are SO ready.

You wouldn’t have found your way here, reading this, this very moment, had you not been.

It’s time.

and you know it.

Your first session is on me. Go ahead, heed the call and book it.


I remember when I walked in your shoes…

A successful Key Account Manager for one of the largest European credit card acquirers within the financial industry. Flying all over Scandinavia to canvas and nurture large scale clients. On the material plane I had everything…

Spirituality, A Course in Miracles, ACIM, A Course in Miracles, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator
  • Successful career.
  • A very well paying job.

  • Company Credit Card.

  • Company car.

  • Wonderful boss.
  • Amazing colleagues.

  • Healthy and growing 401K.

  • Employer paid Health Insurance.

  • Big beautiful Apartment.

  • A wonderful group of friends.

  • Loads of clothes and shopping.

  • Beach holidays.

You name it I had it.

…but every night I was crying myself to sleep…

Today I know that my unhappiness came from my disconnect with God, Source, Spirit or whatever you call All that is.

I call it Love.

It came from being spiritually undernourished and from serving ego and fear rather than my soul and love.

I was searching for happiness where it cannot be found. At least not the eternal kind I know now.

The happiness that translates into:

  • The deep deep seated peace within me that I carry with me where ever I go no matter what happens.
  • The ability to flow with life rather than resist it.
  • The knowledge of knowing everything happens for me not to to me.
  • The consistent choice of love in any given situation.
  • Being connected, tuned in and aligned with my Divine Source at all times.
  • Making strong, clear choices without doubts or regrets.

If that is what you want I am here to show you The Way.

You do not have to do what I did; give up everything and leave it all behind. I walked through the fire and lived to tell so that I can share the lessons with you.

Let’s chat
While we work together I’ll guide you, mentor you, coach you and teach you how to truly live with Love as the driving force in your life. It won’t always be pretty but I promise you it all done in a deeply soulful and heartfelt way.

You will experience deep and significant growth and development personally, spiritually and professionally. You will experience direct results in the way you walk, talk and think. Your relationships will change significantly to the better.

Our sessions are both practical and intuitive, designed for you to tap into the infinite pool of knowledge giving you crystal clear clarity over what you want and releasing what not longer serves you. Deep connection with your intuitive self always ready to guide you and help you with the creation of the life you truly want.

You will continue what we work on and discuss in our sessions by doing the specific tasks between sessions.


““My sessions with Mariaestela were transformational. I felt so safe and secure sharing with her my biggest blocks. Even though cutting straight through the source of all the fog and BS my mind was creating, she did it always with love, care and support. I felt reinvigorated peeling off each layer that was weighting me down and opening up room for the goodness within me — Always through love. ♥ THANK YOU so much! ♥”

Journey with me, Raine Boyd, Mariaestela, Teacher, FacilitatorRaine Boyd

This work is not for those faint-at-heart.

We will be gripping your beliefs and fears by the root bringing light to dark corners, but I will be you every step of the way.

If it is for you you already know it. There’s a beckoning. A deep desire and want calling you from within, craving that more you know is yours already. If this is you let’s chat. I cannot WAIT to meet you, nor to hold space for you as you do this deeply transformative work.

““My sessions with Mariaestela were transformational. I felt so safe and secure sharing with her my biggest blocks. Even though cutting straight through the source of all the fog and BS my mind was creating, she did it always with love, care and support. I felt reinvigorated peeling off each layer that was weighting me down and opening up room for the goodness within me — Always through love. ♥ THANK YOU so much! ♥”

Journey with me, Raine Boyd, Mariaestela, Teacher, FacilitatorRaine Boyd

The Journeys

A total of 6 sessions
A total of 12 sessions
A total of 18 sessions

Here’s what you get…

  • Sacred Space – each and every session is a holy encounter where I hold the space for you to share, release and heal your deepest fears, worries and concerns. Nothing is off limits or out of bounce.

  • 100% Confidentiality – everything stays between you and me. Nothing is ever shared and never will be.
  • Sacred Sessions – Week by week, through our work together you will experience a deeper and deeper peace permeating your entire being. A peace only to be found in the depths of your being.

  • Love based Mindset – Every week we’ll be working on the most valuable mindset for you. You’ll get tools, rituals and exercise to keep you connected and in tune with your Heart & Soul.
  • No BS laser focus – during our time together, you will not be able to hide. You’ll receive my laser focused coaching, teaching, mentoring plus my input, guidance, ideas and angles.
  • Deep Personal Transformation – Who you are is not a reflection of what you do, what you do is a reflection of who you are. The work you’ll be doing week by week will transform everything as you know it. To the better!
  • Homework – Week by week you’ll get further and further in your transformation. You’ll be given just the right and right amount of tasks to complete, and will be reporting back to me about your progress.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp & Email Support – As we journey together I’m there for you. Between our sessions you are welcome to reach out to me.
  • Recordings – All of our sessions are recorded. After each session you receive a link to access both a video and an audio option for download. I cannot tell you how much my clients appreciate being able to go back and listen and re-listen to their sessions, even after our time together has ended. It’s priceless.

“I don’t know where to begin in explaining the changes that have occurred while working with you. You have been the best travelling partner I could imagine as you consistently held up a mirror showing me a better version of me and my photography than I even could dream of.”

Lisbeth Hjort


Before you make any decisions I invite you to apply for a complementary clarifying session in which we explore the possibility of journeying together.
Let's chat


Sessions are 222$ with a minimum of 4 sessions.


  • 6 Sessions
  • Unlimited WhatsApp & Email Support between sessions


  • 12 Sessions
  • Unlimited WhatsApp & Email Support between sessions


  • 18 Sessions
  • Unlimited WhatsApp & Email Support between sessions

*payment plans and options for corporate payment are available upon request. 

“Before working with you I considered whether or not we’d be a right match, if you’d be the right one for me, because that’s important for me. Now my only wish is that I’d hired you sooner!

You quickly added a spotlight to the areas where I self sabotage and dissolved the blockages I’ve created for myself throughout time. You made me voice issues I never dared even thinking about!

The trust and respect you show me is incredible. I cannot outrun you – you keep me on track and at it. I’d highly recommend you. There’s an immense depth to what you do.”

Hanne Østergård
“Working with Mariaestela is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business. Business wise I’ve gone from strength to strength with her support.

For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world.

I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Mariaestela is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!”

Anne Goncalves

Your turn?

If you’re ready to experience monumental shifts in your happiness, the way you see your life and experience deep connection with the divine within you I invite you to apply for a complementary session in which we will explore journeying together here.


I look forward to hearing from you.

xo, Mariaestela

The Magdalene Voices, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Speaker

ps. Just to be clear… I still love things. Oh believe me I love things.

Shiny and glittery things.

I love crystals and essential oils. I love a great car. I love a beautiful home. I love great coffee. I love Birkenstocks, jean shorts and amazing workout clothes. I love beautiful jewellery. I love gorgeous succulents, candles and great beauty products.

But I no longer need any of it to be happy.

I am complete.
I am whole.
I am love, loved and lovable.

– and so are you Radiant One. Let me show you…