The Magdalene Rising


For Souldriven, Heartbased, Entrepreneurs wanting to be supported as you grow and expand your business from within through powerful gnosis and deeply aligned inspired action.

“I love the way you combine business strategy with spiritual tools. That gives me an opportunity for personal as well as business wise development and when the two are connected it feels whole.”

– Anne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher @

Radiant One,

Imagine being part of a Powerful Collective of Souldriven, heartbased, Entrepreneurial Sisters coming together with the intention of deep inner and outer growth and expansion of yourself and your business.

To come into a Sacred and Holy Space where any and all things can be seen, heard and met with the Highest Love, the Deepest Compassion and most the Powerful Acknowledgement and Accountability.

All while serving those you are here to serve, and making a living doing it…


The Magdalene Rising is a 6-month, in-depth, hands on, intimate Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion designed to keep you aligned with your inner truth while supporting you in expanding and growing both yourself and your business as well as in bringing to life that which you are here to birth.

If you want nothing but the naked facts about the Mastermind click here.

With its powerful, carefully designed and meticulous format it supports you with:
  • Clarity.
  • Accountability
  • Consistency.
  • Sacred Sisterhood.
  • Ancient Wisdom.
  • Experienced business advice.
  • Illuminating and Inspiring Teachings.
  • Powerful Mentoring and Sparring.

Enabling you to propel you and your business forward by supporting you in:

  • Consistently showing up in and for your business.
  • Creating that new product or service that you’ve been wanting to bring to life.
  • Allowing yourself to be held, heard, seen and supported.
  • Freeing yourself of limiting beliefs and destructive, self sabotaging patterns.
  • Aligning your products and services with what you truly desire delivering.

Giving you:

  • A Safe Space to share.
  • A Soft Place to land.
  • A Sacred Collective of Sisters rooting for you.

Our Journey Begins on Sep. 10th. and I must receive your application no later than August 31st. in order for you to be considered.

If you feel called apply here

“Mariaestela sees into your soul. If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny. She is a kick-ass business mentor, agony aunt, and best friend that propels you to success without it feeling like drudgery! She doesn’t give you systems! She helps you find your unique perspective and supports you fully in evolving your business and your entire life in a deeply soulful but down-to-earth way.”

– Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor @

The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion will provide you with…


During our time together you will have no place to hide, but will be seen in all of your magnificent glory.

That means calling you in, holding you accountable and seeing you in the highest light so that you may expand and grow both yourself and your business from within.

Every week you will be taking steps, adding action, creating, building and expanding based in your heart, your soul, your being and knowing. I will not baby you, but I will be there to support you, as you shed yourself of your limiting beliefs, heal the dark thoughts lurking in the outskirts of your mind, and take leaps of faith supported, encouraged and celebrated by your collective of sisters.

I know that you came to this earth with a big vision and it is my mission to support you in fulfilling it.

By love, with love, in love, for love.


Oh holy mother of joy. You know those moments right? When all that is true vibrates throughout your entire being. Moments of deep alignment making you almost overcome with joy, gratitude and feeling blessed stemming from a far deeper place than anything within time and space.

While those moments may be fleeting at first, they are none the less true. They fill you with true knowing that may or may not make sense in this world of form and matter.

This is the space from which you download your knowledge, and the source of your action.

The space for deep revelation and astonishing aha moments where things click together like pieces of a puzzle or a sequence of dominos falling one after the next – and this kind of clarity is what all of my clients experience. So be prepared!


Clarity is nothing without action and you will be continuously encouraged in adding action and taking steps supporting your clarity, gnosis and knowledge. This coupling of clarity and action is what, step by step, creates your new reality. It does not happen miraculously overnight. It comes from one step after the next.

During our time together your actions will be aligned with your truth and I will support you with suggestions and inspiration as we move through each week and month.


Building a business, even one as based in Source, Love and Spirit as yours requires hard work, dedication and consistency. It requires for you to spend hours creating the most amazing content for your website, circles and client on a consistent basis. Whatever your chosen platform(s) may be. To show up in the places your potential clients may be.

It also requires for you to become the person who can hold space for that, and more. Expanding from within. Becoming who you are, have always been and will always be. Which requires determination, practice and consistency in your rituals and practices, so that you may see her, feel her, hear her, sense her, be her.

Under my leadership our Collective will be the most flexible, durable and strong foundation for you to draw your strength and sustenance from. We will give you a hand when you are down and lift you higher when you are up.


Every single week we will be celebrating your accomplishments and successes. However big or small. This will allow you to begin seeing yourself through a new set of lenses and shift your mindset from one of lack to abundance, realising just how crazy, amazing and wonderful you are. Just how hard you are working and how much you are doing.

I’m not gonna lie – this one can be a tough nail to crack. You have no problem seeing the highest in others. Seeing their true light shining through – by acknowledging your own? Hells no – well be prepared to be cherished, applauded and acknowledged. To use one of my favourite quotes from A Course in Miracles…

“A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.”

What that means is that every you create in love, as the expansion of your souls divine purpose, is a miracle and you may never ever know the effects it can have on people you may never meet – that is why we celebrate each and every one of your accomplishments, however big or small.

Sacred, Holy Space

The Mastermind is soft place to land when you feel tired or wiry. It is sacred, holy space where nothing is out of bounce and where everything can be seen, heard and met so that it may be healed and transformed.

It offers a 100% confidentiality giving you the opportunity to voice all of your doubts, worries, fear and concerns in sacred trust.

Expansion of yourself and and your Business

Every single person I hold space for experiences an expansion of both themselves and thus their business. Whether it be through the act of surrender, creating and setting boundaries, saying no, clearing limiting beliefs, making loving space for yourself, finding clarity, taking action or something completely other, no one walks through my door without growing from within.

In our Collective, what you bring is what will support both you and your sisters in their expansion and growth.

Strengthening of your Core, Connection and sovereign power

By the way of holding space, mirroring your light, empowering your will, resolve and dedication in this world you will experience a deeper commitment to the expression of your souls purpose as well as the strengthening of your core and connection, giving you a guilt free space from which to make decisions and grow your sovereign power.

Structure & Order

Everything in this our magnificent Universe is in divine order. Everything in sync and alignment. From the tiniest plankton in the dark depths of the ocean to tallest tree on the highest mountain you will see the atoms, protons and neurons. They all serve a purpose.

Not only does the Mastermind offer you a very clear structure and order so all you have to do is lean in and allow yourself to be supported in the most magnificent way possible, it also clearly demonstrates the benefits of structure and organisation so that you may be inspired to find your way into the formats that fit you.

During our time together I will call upon you to bring structure and order into the way you do things, ultimately serving you, and your clients. Thus eliviating loads of mental stress and concern.

When something is out of alignment, the Universe course corrects. It finds a way. Something new is born.

Balancing of your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Essences

Coming into this world of form and matter, you separated yourself from your Oneness but it still lives and breathes within you. Balancing your Divine Feminine Essence of Being, Gnosis and Knowing with your Divine Masculine Essence of Doing, Action and Building activates the Sacred Marriage and you will experience the deep satisfaction, content and fulfilment that comes from being and doing in equal measures.

During our time together you will be continuously called to balance your being and doing.

Healing & Transformation (Becoming who you are)

During our time together shit’s bound to surface and with each new layer unveiled you will heal yourself of limiting beliefs, self sabotage and fears.

In our calls and sometimes in the comment trails I will offer suggestions, teachings and experience if I find it to be relevant and serving the group as a whole.

Automation & Processes

You may have been flying by the seat of your pants for a few years and have gotten your business up and running, flowing with beautiful clients but the backoffice without any care for automation or processes but now things are expanding at a pace where you know it’s time to being streamlining and automating your processes.

This is where my not so secret superpower of seeing processes will benefit you immensely. You will receive my suggestion and ideas, taking your business to a whole other level.

Mastermind, Mariaestela, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst & Facilitator, Soulful Entrepreneur

Welcome Radiant One


– Yoga Teachers, Graphic Designers, Healers, Coaches, Mystics, Witches, Photographers, CEOs, Translators, Online Business Managers, Virtual Assistants, Souldriven Heartbased Entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising among others…


They are deeply committed to wholehearted being and doing, here to support the awakening, healing and transformation required for the ascension of our planet and its inhabitants. Creating as a result not only a more loving, kind, peaceful and just world for all but also wealth, prosperity and abundance in the process.

If this pulls at your heartstrings and speaks to your Soul Radiant One, read on.



It blends the best of all of the realms

The magical with the mundane, spirit with matter, ether with physicality, the seen with the unseen.

Do you dream of…

  • a Community of likeminded Souls here to support each other with the expansion and growth of yourself and your business?

  • Being able to make clear decisions without hesitation and doubt, knowing truly that you know what is right and best, for yourself and your business?
  • Being held accountable for your commitments so that your business truly is an embodiment of your Souls Divine Purpose?
  • Having a sacred and safe space to voice your fears, worries and concerns without being afraid?
  • A business that flourishes and grows, aligned and in-sync with you?
  • Being more organised and structured, clear and precise?
  • Connecting deeply with your passion and purpose, and allowing yourself to be fully seen in the world?
  • Liberating yourself of limiting beliefs and self sabotage?
  • Expanding and growing your business in alignment with your deepest desires, biggest aspirations and highest intentions – for yourself and All?
  • Consistently showing up – for yourself and your audience?
  • Being seen, heard and valued for who you truly are and not some perceived glossed image?
But is your current reality more one of…

… being faced with the challenges that comes from translating your purpose, wisdom, knowledge, experience and gnosis into the programs, products, services, books and apps that are not only good and beneficial to you, your life, business and family but also serve you and your clients deepest desires, wishes and dreams?

Challenges that – depending on where you are currently can show up in a multitude of ways.


  • You’re overwhelmed by all of the magnificent downloads that you receive. Unsure where to begin, afraid that by choosing one over the other you’ll be making the wrong choice. And while you avoid making a choice, trying to figure things out with your mind, you grow more and more frustrated with yourself and saddened knowing that you are meant to serve in a bigger capacity.
  • You struggle being consistent in your creation, visibility and delivery.
  • You feel as though knowing your purpose. what you’re here to do and want to express things should be easy and without effort fall into your lap without any doing on your part.
  • While you desire to be seen and heard, you are afraid of “rocking the boat”, potentially disturbing the peace, by putting your self fully out there. allowing yourself to be seen and heard although, you know with every ounce of your being that it’s part of your work.
  • The magnitude of the desired expression of your souls purpose is so big that it at times scares the living “bejesus” out of you, leaving you blank and seemingly without no clue as to how to get there or where to even begin.
  • You have absolutely no desire to be seen or heard, a “reluctant leader” but know that your calling is to empower people through your work.
  • Being so deeply connected and intuitive as you are, having done years of internal work, you clearly see the end result, but not the steps that will take you there.
  • You know that you are ready to surrender fully into the loving arms of dedicated support but have either already spent way too much money on programs that did not activate you and get you going or you cannot afford 1:1 mentoring quite yet.
  • The mere idea of what is asking to be born through you excites you beyond comparison but the thought of you bringing it to life, doing the work exhaust you even before you’ve started, feeling dread fill your bones – so you don’t. Leaving you more and more frustrated with your own laziness and inactivity.
  • While you in fleeting moments know with absolute certainty what you are here to birth – you cannot seem to grasp where to begin or how to bring this into life.
  • You sense that the idea thats been percolating within your field for a long while will bring about significant changes to every aspect of your life and business and unsure as to how to start or get to where you want to, you stall – and so too does you and your business.
  • You for a long while ran around like a headless chicken doing one thing after the next without any result, leaving you exhausted and so the idea of doing anything at all brings up an mountain of resistance.
If so, The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion was made for you.
Apply for you seat in our collective here

Listen to what some of your Sisters have to say…

Anne Goncalves

Yoga Teacher @

Sophia Noelle Aaland

Spiritual Concierge, Intuitive Mentor & Life Master Coach @

Stine Schou Kvistgaard

Spiritual Mentor, Meditation Teacher & Healer @


Program Details



  • Month has a specific theme designed to support the inner and outer growth and expansion of your and your business.

    *The themes are designed based on the group. Some current examples are “Decluttering”, “Competition or Colleagues” and “Visibility”.

  • Week you will be given mission assignments – should you choose to accept them…
  • Monday you will list your top 3 priorities for the week and receive my support in clarification and goal setting.
  • Wednesday we join in our Live Group Call with both Q&A and Hot Seats.

    Our Live Group Calls are every Wednesday at 3 PM CEST and are recorded and will be made available to you shortly after the call, so even if you can’t make it live you won’t miss out.

  • Friday you’ll report on your progress and we will celebrate your accomplishments.

Throughout the Months & Weeks…

  • You will receive support from me and your sisters in our WhatsApp Group chat.
  • The Themes and Priority threads will be posted in our Private Slack Space.
If you feel called apply here

Not sure? Thinking…


You know without a shadow of doubt that you Soul craves a strong, rock solid foundation for you to bring these ideas of you into fruition, giving them life, watch them grow and expand, however there’s just this ONE thing that you gotta do first, and once that’s done then another VERY important thing needs to get done and so it continues.

Over and over and over again you find yourself rushing to put together some paid service or webinar that bring you in enough to at least cover your rent, taking away focus from what you truly want to be building and every day the hours seem to flow by without you being able to give it any time or effort.

Frustration accumulates into anger with the Universe for putting you in this situation, bitterness rising from the depths of your being over all of the tasks that take you away from all of the things you truly desire.

Jealousy raging from seeing all of your peers and competitors launch one amazing program or service after the next with seemingly no effort and to raving success.


You won’t ever feel truly ready, nor is it necessary in order for you to take your first step. What excites you the most brings your true desire to the surface, makes your heart pump with excitement is also bound to bring with it your biggest fears and greatest opportunities for healing.

One of the pitfalls of being fully aligned with your Divine Feminine Essence and having lived in a patriarchy is that you choose not to activate your Divine Masculine Essence because the only version of masculine energy that you’ve seen has been it’s shadow relying on pushing, shoving, coercion, abuse and force.


It’s through the creation and solid building of your foundation and bringing your project to life that the healing occurs. As you take each step you grow into the person you need to be in order to bring this to life. As you take each step I will be with you, guiding, supporting and mentoring you to ensure that creation takes place.


Having direct access to the 5th dimension and realms above you, you fully understand its fluidity, ease and flow and feels as though bringing your creations to life should be easy and find yourself baffled and frustrated when that is not the case! Taking it perhaps as a sign as to maybe this is not what you’re meant to to, meant to create forgetting that while you are a spiritual being with open access you currently reside in the realm of physical matter, the realm of duality and thus this bringing your creations to life happens through you, through the union of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essences.


Being an open channel and a clear vessel is a gift that at times can seem like a curse! But that’s pat of the whole reason you came. To unite within you the two halves creating the whole and through that bring to life your creations. That means that if you only engage your Divine Feminine Essence, not allowing your Divine Masculine to bring his action, activity and doing to the table you wantever experience the deep sense of content and fulfilment that comes from birthing your creations into this world through you and thus fulfilling your mission of supporting beautiful, radiant souls in their unveiling, healing, awakening and transformation.


You carry within you the seed of all of your creations. With my skilled and dedicated support you will, week by week plant those seeds, tend to them, nurture them, water them, weed them and watch them grow and take up space in this world, becoming nurturing for those who are ready for what you have to say, what you have to see. It is the circle of life and until you engage and activate your Divine Masculine youre only stilting your own growth and expansion.


  • What if I create all of this and no one likes it?
  • What if no buys what I have to offer?
  • What if I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, old enough, young enough, thin enough or fat enough?
  • What if?

Let me flip that for you and ask… So what?

  • So what if you create this thing and no one likes it?
  • So what if no one buys what you have to offer?
  • So what if you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, old enough, young enough, thin enough or fat enough?

So what?

I’m sure something in you is revolting currently. So what if no one buys what I have to offer?!!

You can choose one of two thingshear me out and read on, or run for the hills and shut down this page…

I understand that while you would always choose soul over selling, you’re also in business to make money.

Precisely therefore I repeat – so what?

Take a moment to really let that sink in. Chances are that you’ve never really thought the “what if” thought to end – ego rarely lets you. Instead its been spinning in circles for ages, keeping you stuck.


You are a magnificent creature who came to this earth to support Her and Her peoples in their ascension. The only way you do that is by simultaneously walking through all of the challenges and obstacles that you are met with so that you may, within yourself, create the Divine Union and carry with it your Oneness.
It is through you this world will change. Through your dedicated, committed work leading to true transformation.


When you release and let go of the fear of “what if” and move into “so what?” you surrender yourself into an infinite realm of possibility. A realm where your Source, Love can pour forth through your being and doing bringing with it incredible joy, happiness and revelation.

You relieve yourself to the shackles that you have allowed yourself to be held back by for so long realising that the only thing that truly held you back, was you.

I have seen this incredible transformation in my clients over and over and over again and the absolute, pure, elated joy and relief that it brings with it and I look forward to you experiencing it during our time together.


Realising your true nature, understanding that you are a part of all that is, ever was and always will be and the universal laws that rules us all, it is incredibly easy, in the world of form, to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the cosmos and consider yourself to be small, a tiny blip in the vast space of all, without impact or importance, completely disregarding the fact everything is brought into to life and form through you.

You may look to out into the world and think that all has been done. All has been created forgetting that love is ever expanding.


You are the most magnificent Divine creature and you came here with a purpose that only you can fulfil. And while you play small you leave the world destitute and devoid of the special gift that you are.
Everything that you have experienced and gone through has been leading up to this very moment. Being here, reading this activating transmission means that you are ready to step into the light and fully embrace and embody not only you Divine nature by why you came and what you are here to do.


When you join The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion you step into a unified field of heightened activation based in love. What that means is that as you move through these months with us you increasingly expand in radiance from within.

If you feel called apply here



The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion is an intimate, hands-on, pratical, action and love-based mastermind designed for you to produce, create and put into the world what has been tugging at your heartstrings forever, thus fulfilling the Sacred Contract and promise you made eons ago.


Because you know your souls purpose and long to bring to life its expression so that it may serve those whom it is intended for, as well as bring you with it the prosperity, wealth, abundance, satisfaction, contentment and fulfilment that comes from being and doing what you came for.

As a Mentor, Catalyst and Facilitator nothing brings me more pleasure that seeing Soulful Entrepreneurs and Magdalenes Rising thriving from having fully activated their Sacred Marriage not only bringing to life their magnificent creations but giftting the to the world, allowing themselves to be truly seen and heard as their Divine Self and bringing with it the prosperity, wealth and abundance that comes from doing the work.


September 10th., 2018 – March 10th., 2019


A curated Sacred Collective of Beautiful, Illuminating Souls like you.

Where and how:

We will join in circle online, every week weeks, in a virtual meeting room. During these calls I will offer teachings, guidance, suggestions and tools based on the themes, patterns and awakenings happening in the group. There will be time for Q&A as well as hot seats.

In between calls we will meet virtually in a private setting where you:

Every Monday will be prioritising your top 3 tasks for the week and sharing them with the group so that we may hold space for your creation, growth and expansion.

You will also be given assignments should choose to accept them… (total mission impossible style) related to the monthly theme as well as the expansion and growth of you and your business.

During the week will be able to post, request or reach out, receiving support from the group as well as mentoring, gentle suggestions and guidance from me.

Every Friday will be celebrating your accomplishments before taking the weekend off to be with your family and friends.

When you join you get:

Is the MAGDALENE RISING Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion right for you?

In truth you are the only person who can answer that question – and I believe that if it is right for you, you already know. There is a deep desire beckoning within you excited about the possibilities of what you will be able to create, should you choose to join.

What I will say, is that The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion is right for you if…
  • You’re a Souldriven, Heart Based Spiritual Entrepreneur wanting to weave the worlds of Spirit and Business.
  • Have been in business +3 years.
  • Have a running business, that contributes to you and your family on a monthly basis.
  • You want structure, organisation, automation, support, mentoring and a safe, sacred space to share freely and openly.
  • You want to expand and grow your business, potentially with new products or services.
  • You know your souls purpose in this lifetime and are wanting to be supported, mentored and guided as you bring it more to life.
  • You know what you “need” to do but find yourself held back for fear of doing it wrong, exhausting yourself, ending up burnt out.
  • You are able and willing to invest in the Mastermind without a deep sense of loss or fear of how you will be making back that investment.
  • You have an idea of your next products and services that you want to create but lack the support, systems, structure and practices supporting you in anchoring them in, bringing them to life.
  • You love the idea of being in a Collective of sisters coming together to uplift each other and see the highest in all.
  • You are committed to creating products and services that support the world in her unveiling, awakening, healing and transformation, increasing the peace, contentment, satisfaction, fulfilment, wealth and prosperity for all.
  • You know that you could be (should be) doing more and are wanting to step fully into the magnificent arena of your life, allowing yourself to be seen, heard, loved and revered.
  • You understand that any, any external transformation or creation starts within and you are committed to the growth and expansion from your heart and core.
  • You love giving and receiving in a continuous flow.
  • You are committed to doing the transformational and healing work needed in order to birth that to life which is to come through you, preparing the space for it.
  • You are willing to be there for your Sisters in the Collective as they are there for you.

And it’s not right for you if…

  • You’re unsure about your purpose, talents and gifts.
  • You do not have a running business that you are wanting to expand from within.
  • You think that all you need is someone to push you over the edge, whip you into shape and “fake it, till you make it”.
  • You are contemplating using your LAST money hoping that this program will be THE thing that finally saves you.
  • You are not ready to do the necessary work.
  • You do not plan on being engaged and active in the Collective.
  • What you really want is fully dedicated 1:1 support and mentoring (find that option on my mentoring page here.)

Radiant One, know this…

If this Mastermind & Mentoring Immersion is not for you, something else is. Don’t be disparaged. Thomas Edison before inventing the light bulb said “I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work.”


Price for the mastermind is 1888$ USD when paid in full and 333$ when paid monthly in 6 instalments.

If you would like to be considered for participation, click below to apply.



Once I have received your application I will review it with my guides as well as tune into the energy, to ensure it is for the highest for all within the Collective I am creating.

You will hear back from me within 24-48 hrs. of your application.

If you are accepted into the Collective you will receive a payment link that is to be activated within 48 hrs. in order to secure your seat.

The Magdalene Rising Mastermind and Group Mentoring Immersion is by application only as I want to ensure that not only the energy, vibration and resonance is a match but also that most within the group are in the same space with their businesses

That begin said, due to the nature of the work and time together there will be frustrating time as there are whenever you expand yourself into a new way of being and doing. This will happen for both you and your sisters in the Collective so it is important to be able to hold space during these times of growing pain. They will be happen individually.

By showing up and doing the work.

I will be with you every step fo the way guiding you, mentoring you, give suggestions and practices but at the end of the day you can lead a horse to water but not force it to drink, so in the end, just how much you get out of the Mastermind is really up to you.

First of all I am sorry.

Because I have been in your shoes – and it’s no fun place to be.

The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion is not a cookie cutter nor a “follow this strategy” program.

All of its teachings, content, guidance, mentoring and suggestions grows organically out of you, your journey, where you’re at together with that of the Collective you join.

Furthermore its format is designed so that you cannot hide or lurk in the shadows. Every week you will be held accountable, you will be seen in your most glorious, radiant light and held to the highest standard in the most kind, caring and loving way because this is what your soul craves.

Yup. Here you go…

September: 12th., 19th., 26th.

Oktober: 3rd., 10th., 17th., 24th., 31st.

November: 7th., 14th., 21st., 28th.

December*: 5th., 12th., 19th.

January*: 9th., 16th., 23rd., 30th.

February: 6th., 13th., 20th., 27th.

March: 6th.

*please note that we will be on break from December 19th. till January 7th.

No. This is a group immersion and while I will support you directly, in WhatsApp, our group and on our calls there is not dedicated 1:1 time set aside.

If you would like to add 1:1 time in addition to being a part of the Mastermind let me know in your application and I’ll give you the options and details.

And if it’s only 1:1 you’re looking for, check out my Spiritual Business Mentoring services here.

If you’ve got a million things on your plate chances are that it’s about 999.997 things too many. I see this over and over and over again with my 1:1 clients. Trying to swallow an elephant whole will kill you. It will kill all of your desire, joy, happiness, satisfaction and contentment because it is an impossible task bound to fail.

That is NOT to say that you won’t accomplish many, many things during our time together, but you will learn to do it from a space of peace, stillness and rock solid knowing. It will leave you with the deepest sense of satisfaction, the kind that comes from deep within your core and is not rattle by anything in the world.

Oh, and honestly… I hate the term “getting shit done” on so many levels…
Doing the work you’ve been called to do is not shit. It’s glorious, beautiful and deeply sacred. It’s rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling. For you AND those you are here to serve.

So during our time together you will get many things done, none of them though, will be shit.


The basic premise of this Mastermind and all of my work and who I am is Love. Understanding that we are love, come from love and returns to love.

That, is not to say that you will not be working, doing and adding action – quite the opposite, but it will be in a way that you may never have experienced before. It can be extremely challenging for our ego mind when someone insists on seeing our highest and hold us to the highest standard with kindness, care and compassion – far more challenging than someone judging us.

So, if your question is whether or not you will be moving forward the answer is yes, but it will happen with heart, soul and love.

Two things…

First of all – do not join The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion scared, spending your last money thinking this will be you saving. While the Mastermind is truly amazing it is not the holy grail – nothing outside of yourself is. It is not the “one ring to bind them all”. Yes, it is effective, dedicated, powerful but it is not ultimate solution for all.

Secondly, don’t join “scared that…” join because every cell of your being is vibrating in resonance with what you’ve heard and seen on this page. It may or may not be right for you. If it is – apply. If it is not, something else will be. Open yourself up to it.

Ask within Radiant One. If you feel this speaks to your heart and stirs your soul it might be. If you’re in doubt take time to familiarise yourself with my voice and style in all of the free content I provide first. Also, read this article “What is a Magdalene” and see if you recognise yourself within the words.

Finally, if you’ve got any questions what so ever, ask me. I will answer openly and honestly. You can contact me here:

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“This mastermind is the best kind of support you can imagine.

The love, the support, the ideas, the way you are able to ‘gently nudge’ someone to become more of themselves, to feel good about the way they run their business, is unique.

You make me see things in a new light, always filled with love.

And I love the way you combine business strategy with spiritual tools. That gives me an opportunity for personal as well as business wise development and when the two are connected it feels whole.”

Spiritual Business Mentoring, Anne Goncalves, Mariaestela, Catalyst, FacilitatorAnne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher

“I love Mariaestela.

She is the most loving person – and just the person I have searched for to discuss my heart business with.

Not many people posses that perfect combination of love, business and intuition. Mariaestela is one of the few.

Luckily, I don’t have to search anymore – I know exactly who to contact, if I am stuck, need another view on things or if I need help in structuring my many ideas into a plan.

Talking with Mariaestela makes things fall into place so you can set the right direction and work towards your goals in a loving, meaningful way. The only way to achieve great results.

Thank you for being you, Mariaestela”

Stine Schou Kvistgaard, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Meditations Teacher

The Magdalene Rising is Source based

You are the expansion of the most loving Source. And as you were created, through expansion so to do you. Create through your loving expansion from within. Expand your business from within with the products and services that ask to be born through you. In order to bring them to life, you must be and become the container able to hold space for it.

That work is done in love, for love and by love.

Every step you have taken thus far has prepared you for that, and every step you will be taking in order to bring it to life, will mold and shape you even further. Into what you have always been, into who you are, in truth.

It is not a matter of adding layers, but of unveiling. Of uncovering who you truly are, always have been and always will be. You are the One although you may not see it yet or fully.


A final word…

Radiant One,

You did not get the ideas you have by chance.

Those tiny glimpses of a new possibility grow into dreams and desires when you allow them to gestate within your heart.

Through you they turn into goals.

Goals that are Sacred Contracts you agreed to eons ago – and together with them, you too have been given everything you need in order to bring them to life. And the only way is through.

They are the gateways for your awakening, unveiling, deep healing and transformation as much as the expression of them will serve your clients and customers.

Although your mind may be cluttered with uncertainty, worry, fear or doubt there is a way.

It is my sincere wish that you, whether or not you choose to join The Magdalene Rising Mastermind & Group Mentoring Immersion, find a way to bring your ideas to life, because the world needs them.

I love you.

xo, Mariaestela

Naked Facts



September 10th., 2018 – March 10th., 2019*

*We will be on break Dec. 20th. – Jan. 6th.

We meet:

  • Every Wednesday for our Collective Call.
  • During the week on WhatsApp and in Slack.


We have:

  • a WhatsApp Group chat for everyday day to day contact.
  • a Slack Group for your Monday priorities and Friday Celebrations.
  • Zoom for our weekly calls.
  • Dropbox for all recordings, monthly themes and other files.

You will

  • Every Monday be prioritising your top 3 tasks for the week and sharing them with the group.
  • Be given weekly assignments related to the monthly theme as well as the expansion and growth of you and your business.
  • Be able to post, request or reach out, receiving support from the group as well as mentoring, gentle suggestions and guidance from me.
  • Be celebrating your accomplishments and those of your sisters every Friday.


1888$ USD when paid in full or 333$ USD when paid in 6 Monthly instalments.


The Magdalene Rising Mastermind and Group Mentoring Immersion is by application only.
Your application must be received by August 31st.

Apply here

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