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Welcome Radiant One!

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Have you ever said to yourself…

“If only I had the confidence to share my heart and vision with the world. then…”

“I can sell everyone and their grandmothers products and services, why is it so freaking hard to promote and market myself?!”

“I’m a smart cookie, why is it that no matter how many courses, books or programs I buy to help me get rid of my fear of standing out, of not being enough, of procrastination and fear based mindset I always end back up at square one?!!

“Why am I so scared of being seen and heard, when I know within the depths of my soul that I’ve got something to offer the world?


Frustrated beyond my mind knowing that in my corporate career I rocked!

Without hardly any formal education I’ve led startups, built businesses and have had a corporate career, worked with sales and marketing, negotiated million dollar contracts, spear headed new projects and was very successful.

But in my own business?!

Thing is…

You don’t have a business you have a calling.

A calling that is calling you to do things in a different way.

A Way of the Heart.

With Love, kindness, care and compassion at its core.

You are here to serve the world in her awakening, healing and transformation. Whether you know it or not.

You may think that what you are been called to do is small and insignificant.

It is not.

Not for you, nor for those you are here to serve.

If after..

  • Having read every book under the sun about limiting beliefs and self sabotage.
  • Downloaded every meditation for confidence and courage.
  • Watched every youtube video on motivation, confidence and procrastination.
  • – and have tapped your face off to “bust through” your scarcity mindset and money blocks…

… you still feel your stomach clench, your heart beating with panic and your throat constricted when speaking out, sharing your truth, marketing and promoting your services… trying to ignore, suppress or eliminate your fears is not the answer.

If you want to thrive within your business, truly, deeply satisfied and content you must dissolve your fears by expanding love – from within.

Love that…

Clears, heals and acknowledges.
Love that…seeps through your pores and spreads into the world.

Sooner or later every spiritual entrepreneur will come to the realisation that your business is not just what you do, it’s who you are.

I know because I walked in your shoes.

When I first took the leap as an entrepreneur I was so deeply rooted in a fear based mindset, scared shitless about what people would think that rather than come out fully as the Spiritual Business Coach I am, I decided to work as an (overqualified) VA. (nothing wrong with being a VA – it just wasn’t for me).

For years I stayed within that “safe” but SO dissatisfying bubble. Earning a living, while suppressing my desire.

What healed me was love, love and more love.

I now know, through both personal experience and the work that I do with my 1:1 clients, that no thing and nothing “out there” will ever work.

The expansion and growth of your business has to happen from within. By expanding love you dissolve the fears – and this is what we’ll be doing in Mastery Through Love…


Mastery Through Love

A 6-week Online Healing Journey for solopreneurs designed to help you stand out, speak your truth and share yourself, your services and products with confidence, care and satisfaction.


Enrollment’s currently closed – Click here to join my list to be notified when doors open

“Mariaestela has so many incredible gifts as a spiritual business mentor. Her way to support, challenge and nudge from such a loving place – and thus paving the way for great results – is what I love most about her.”

– Stine Schou Kvistgaard,

Prefer to watch the in-depth description of the format and modules? Click below…
Watch the in-depth description of the format and the modules



Mastery Through Love is a 6-week healing journey based in active participation and engagement. Here’s our schedule:

Each module has it’s own particular magical mix of videos, assignments, worksheets, guides and MP3s to ensure and inspire self-reflection, powerful discoveries, revelation, remembering, recognition and ultimately healing.


  • Friday the weekly module will be released and you’ll have the weekend and beginning of the week to dive into it.
  • Tuesday we join for a Live Healing Circle* on Zoom with both Q&A and Hot Seats.

*Our Healing Circles are every Tuesday at 8 PM CEST and are recorded and will be made available to you shortly after the call, so even if you can’t make it live you won’t miss out.

During our time together you will have access to our private, sacred collective on WhatsApp where you can share openly and freely your intentions, ideas, challenges, experiences and accomplishments with your sisters.

I will be active in the group, sharing insights, suggestions and practices for you to consider and I may also offer teachings and reflections that are relevant based on the highest for the collective.

Throughout the Weeks…

  • I will be calling you in, so that you may share your progress in our Sacred Collective.
  • You will receive support from me in our private WhatsApp Group.
  • You will have no place to hide – you will be seen in all of your radiant glory – no matter what you think of yourself my Love, I see you. It’s time.

Module 1 – Connection


In order to lay the foundation for everything moving forward on this healing journey you need to be able to clearly hear and recognise your inner voice and guide. In this module you’ll:

  • Meet your inner Guide(s) and learn how to connect with him, her, it or they.

  • Learn how to discern between a fear based or a love based mindset.
  • Raise your awareness through conscious activation.
  • Develop a strong internal connection with your Higher, Divine Self.

Module 2 – Core


Knowing fully your inner truth and what is right for you is crucial when it comes to delivering products and services you love. In this module you’ll:

  • Align your outer world with your inner truth.
  • Find and clear what is out of resonance and in discord with your truth.
  • Establish clear boundaries for yourself and your business.
  • Free yourself of the fears and limiting beliefs related to your core and truth.
  • Learn how saying no might be the most loving thing to do.
  • Learn the love based way of looking at perceived rejection aka when people don’t immediately buy what you have to offer.

Module 3 – Comparison (Internal)


Stepping out into the light, marketing and promoting yourself, your services and products is necessary for any business to thrive, but can also bring up immense fears. In this module you’ll:

  • Uncover hidden beliefs lurking in the shadows.
  • Reclaim your energy, power and sovereignty.
  • Heal the separation from your core, your loving Self.
  • Dissolve fear through the expansion of love, in your life and business.

Module 4 – Competition (External)


Afraid of being visible and standing out, scarcity, “not enoughness” and a mindset of lack is all based in fear and will only serve to hold you back from claiming your place in the world. In this module you’ll:

  • Learn how to let go of the fear of competitors and competition.
  • Discover the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that no one is like you.
  • Turn your competitors into colleagues.
  • Allow your fears to be guiding light to deep personal wisdom.
  • Uncover and liberate yourself of any impostor syndrome hiding within.

Module 5 – Cash


Few things bring up more fear than money. So much so that we at times stick our heads in the sand, refusing to even look. In this module you’ll:

  • Gain clarity over your finances, both personal and business wise.
  • Learn how much you’re making and know exactly where you’re at currently.
  • Activate and enable sound, love based decisions moving forward.
  • Crown yourself the Queen of your life and business.
  • Dissolve a fear based mindset of scarcity.

Module 6 – Completion


Having called in and forth so much truth and power in your life it is important to not only make space for the new, but to set into place and motion consistent practices that will allow for you to continue your awakening, healing and unveiling. In this module you’ll:

  • Cleanse, clear and declutter to let go of what you do not want to take with you as you venture back into the world.
  • Create and commit to your own daily, weekly and monthly practices supporting you in your expansion and growth.
  • Know what to do if you have a set back.
  • Meet, Activate and Engage your Divine Masculine Essence of Doing, Action, Creation and Building to support you moving forward.

“Mariaestela sees into your soul. If you are hiding, she calls you out. If you are lost, she guides you to find your path using your own intuition and her guides are so on target about what you need to know it’s uncanny. She is a kick-ass business mentor, agony aunt, and best friend that propels you to success without it feeling like drudgery! She doesn’t give you systems! She helps you find your unique perspective and supports you fully in evolving your business and your entire life in a deeply soulful but down-to-earth way.”

– Sophia Noelle Aaland, Spiritual Concierge & Intuitive Mentor @

Ready to Join Us?

Our Journey Begins on Friday March 1st. 2019*

Investment $333

*sign up ends on Wednesday March 27th. 2019

Enrollment’s currently closed – Click here to join my list to be notified when doors open

Full disclosure…

Mastery Through Love only works if you do.

If you regularly buy courses and programs but never do the work Master Through Love won’t work for you.

If you’re a serial program and course buyer thinking they’ll be the “magic pill”, “THE One ring to bind them all…” Mastery Through Love (as those other programs) aren’t for you.

If you buy one program or course after the next hoping that they’ll will finally be THE ONE THING that takes you out of your misery and despair Mastery Through Love is not for you.

While all of what I do, teach and am is rooted deeply in love then there’s really no way to sugar coat this…

Mastery Through Love only works if you show up, ready to participate, willing to share and actively engage with the modules, worksheets, live (healing) calls and FB group. Those who are not, will not see the powerful miracles this journey offers.

– and to be clear, a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, which is what the “magic pill” of this healing journey is. Which in essence is the “magic pill” for ALL I work with.


You may have some questions about Mastery Through Love – after all it’s an investment of not only your money but especially your time and effort. So let me address some of these questions right now…

If you’re ready and willing to abandon your fear based mindset for one of love and do the work then yes. If not, no.

Your time and effort.

In terms of the modules, guides and weekly assignments I’d said you’ll need to set aside somewhere around 1-1 1/2 hr. in total as well as a minimum of 15 min. a day to your daily practices.

As far as your involvement in our online Collective goes, it’s really up to you – however I will be calling you in, checking up on you and expect to hear from you, so about 10-20 min. per week as a minimum, but in my experience from previous groups it varies depending on where you’re at that particular day or week.

To be clear – you’re not expected to share anything you don’t feel comfortable sharing, my checkin’s are simply a way to ensure you receive my support in releasing yourself of what’s been holding you back. You’ve joined for a reason and I am committed to supporting you with everything that I’ve got.

Because it’s what I’ve been consistently guide to, no matter how many times I’ve asked. Trust me I’ve asked REPEATEDLY.

Truth be told the value of this course far exceeds the price.

Will it stay this price forever? I honestly don’t know, but probably not. Most likely it will double or triple for the next round.

The content of this healing journey is such that it cannot not work. If you commit to doing the exercises, are willing to consistently choose a mindset of love and show up – shifts will happen.

That being said I do not offer refunds – so if you’re unsure or on the fence, take your time to familiarise yourself with me and my work first. Don’t rush into things, scared that you’ll miss out. Whether it be now, later or never – you can only ever make the right choice.

You’re almost bound to get stuck – so if, or rather when you do, let’s celebrate! With every breakdown comes a breakthrough and so being stuck only signals that you’re getting closer to the root.

Also, throughout the weeks I’ll be calling you in, checking up on you in our Collective, to see where you’re at – so if (when) you get stuck I’ll still be there.

This journey is JUST the beginning – sure you may go through all of the modules and work, but you’re just getting started. Whether you do or not you have lifetime access to the materials. Which means that they’re yours forever and ever. So if there’s a particular module that you’re wanting to dive into more at a later time you can. If there’s something you’re wanting to update or review you can. Like I said – our 6 weeks together is just the beginning – this work is for the rest of your life.

Got a Question not answered above?
Let me hear it

So Why Join?

The world needs what you’ve got Radiant One and the benefits that come from clearing yourself, healing yourself, unveiling yourself is FAR greater than anything in this world.

I’m talking about:
  • A deep, deep sense of satisfaction that is beyond this world.
  • Joy rumbling within your being at all times, just because.
  • Fulfilling content knowing that you are being and doing what you came here for.

All of the things that cannot be measured, bought nor sold. They stem from you connecting not only with your Source but your purpose, living, being and doing it.

It’s priceless.

– and if it calls you, come play with us…

Enrollment’s currently closed – Click here to join my list to be notified when doors open
“I love the way you combine business strategy with spiritual tools. That gives me an opportunity for personal as well as business wise development and when the two are connected it feels whole.”
Spiritual Business Mentoring, Anne Goncalves, Mariaestela, Catalyst, FacilitatorAnne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher
“Mariaestela combines savvy business insight and strategy with deeply mystical inspiration. Hers is a presence of a truly honorable and humble teacher, the one who illuminates everyone around her, sees the best and evokes the best.

What a miracle!”

Violetta Pleshakova, Transformational Trainer & Intuitive Mentor

“Not many people posses that perfect combination of love, business and intuition. Mariaestela is one of the few.

I love her. She is the most loving person – and just the person I have searched for to discuss my heart business with. Not many people posses that perfect combination of love, business and intuition. Mariaestela is one of the few.

Talking with Mariaestela makes things fall into place so you can set the right direction and work towards your goals in a loving, meaningful way. The only way to achieve great results.

Thank you for being you, Mariaestela”

Stine Schou Kvistgaard, Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Meditations Teacher


Not sure which to start with or where to begin?

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered...

With Divine Clarity & Inspired Action you’ll know not only exactly what to begin with but also exactly what first step to take.
Divine Clarity & Inspired Action, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Catalyst