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You’ve found your true calling.

You’re living it.

Doing beautiful heart filled work in the world. Whether it be as a yoga teacher, holistic coach, nutritionist, graphic designer, photographer, translator or something completely different.

You’re doing it.

Your business is thriving and you find yourself ready to expand, upgrade and uplevel. But you receive a million downloads and want to feel fully supported as you embark on this next path of your journey.

DIvine Clarity & Inspired Action, Soulful Entrepreneur, Mariaestela, Facilitator

It’s your time and you know it.

Hello Radiant One

I’m Mariaestela,
Teacher, Facilitator & Catalyst.

I support Soulful Entrepreneurs of The Magdalene Order like you in the expansion, upgrade and uplevelling of their businesses and lives.

Through our Sacred Sessions I support you in revealing the knowledge you already possess and couple it with inspired action so that you may continually serve your ever expanding circle.

I hold deeply sacred space as you commit yourself to fully embody your dharma. Your souls work and life’s work.

xo, Mariaestela

As you’ve found your way here…

Chances are that…

You have long since abandoned the regular way of doing things and have surrendered yourself to our Divine Mother letting her guide and support you in all aspects of your life and business.

You come from a place of desire wanting to serve the world on a bigger scale and this excites you rather than scares you. You are ready.

You have walked through many Dark Nights of Your Soul and live to tell.

You support, in your own way, the healing and awakening of Beautiful Souls.

Wisdom vibrates within the inner most core of your being and is wanting to find its expression in this world through you.

You have actively been calling in support to assist you with the coming expansion, upgrade and uplevelling.

You are a Magdalene Rising, a true leader, leading from your heart.

If this is you and you want you explore the possibility of having me support your expansion, I invite you to apply for your free complementary session.


“Before working with you I considered whether or not we’d be a right match, if you’d be the right one for me, because that’s important for me. Now my only wish is that I’d hired you sooner!

You quickly added a spotlight to the areas where I self sabotage and dissolved the blockages I’ve created for myself throughout time. You made me voice issues I never dared even thinking about!

The trust and respect you show me is incredible. I cannot outrun you – you keep me on track and at it. I’d highly recommend you. There’s an immense depth to what you do.”

Hanne Østergård, Webshop Owner

“Working with Mariaestela is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business. Business wise I’ve gone from strength to strength with her support.

For years I’ve been holding myself back because of fear – fear of standing out, fear of making myself known to the world.

I’ve finally reached a point now where I feel comfortable and also enjoy being visible. That’s huge for me. Mariaestela is with you all the way, her support is priceless, she gets to the heart of the matter and in turn you get shit done!”

Anne Goncalves, Yoga Teacher

Our time together is a sacred Journey based in love, for love and by love.

You will get…

  • Sacred Space – each and every session is a Holy encounter where I hold the space for your to share, release and heal as well as gain clarity, insight and peace of mind. Nothing is off limits or out of bounce.

  • 100% Confidentiality – everything stays between you and me. I consider our relationship of Holy Nature. Nothing is ever shared and never will be.

  • Sacred Sessions – Week by week, through our work together you will experience a deeper and deeper peace permeating your entire being. A peace only to be found in the depths of your being.

  • Love based Mindset – Love is The Way and every week you will expand through the revelations and ancient knowledge you experience, remember and uncover during our sessions.

  • No BS Loving laser focus – during our time together, you will not be able to hide. You’ll receive my laser focused mentoring, facilitation and intuitive guidance as well as my input, insights, ideas and angles which will usually is things you hadn’t seen in yourself or thought of before.

  • Deep Personal Transformation – Who you are is not a reflection of what you do, what you do is a reflection of who you are. The work you’ll be doing week by week will support your continued expansion, upgrade and uplevelling.

  • Homework – Week by week you’ll will commit yourself to completing tasks supporting you, and will be reporting back to me about your progress.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp & Email Support – As we journey together I’m there for you. Between our sessions you are welcome to reach out to me.

  • Recordings – All of our sessions are recorded. After each session you receive a link to access both a video and an audio option for download. I cannot tell you how much my clients appreciate being able to go back and listen and re-listen to their sessions, even after our time together has ended. It’s truly priceless.

The true resolution rests entirely on Mastery through Love.

– A Course in Miracles

“I don’t know where to begin in explaining the changes that have occurred while working with you. You have been the best travelling partner I could imagine as you consistently held up a mirror showing me a better version of me and my photography than I even could dream of.”

Lisbeth Hjort, Photographer

The Sacred Journeys

– and their investment.

6 * 45min. Sessions
12 * 45min. Sessions
18 * 45min. Sessions

*Payment plans and options for corporate payment available upon request.


I don’t expect you to just jump into the big unknown without getting to know me better, I certainly wouldn’t.

However if you’re ready to experience serious expansion, upgrades and uplevelling I invite you to apply for a complementary Sacred Session in which we will explore journeying together here.

This complementary Sacred Session allows you to directly experience working with me so that you may know fully whether or not I am to be the one supporting and facilitating your ever expanding journey. Enabling you to either continue our journey and dive deeper or put it aside and find the support that is right for you.


If you’ve got any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

xo, Mariaestela

Work with me, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Speaker

“I was SO nervously excited about working with you, as it was one of the first times I actually reached out and asked for help with my business.

It was very vulnerable both being open about my challenges but also approaching someone I didn’t know before hand and ask for help. However all of my concerns vanished once I’d had my free consultation with you – I was SO ready and felt we were a perfect match!

One of my biggest take aways, is something I think I’ve mentioned after each and every session.


Clarity on all levels, both within me and in all areas of my life – physically, mentally, spiritually in both business, relationships, family and financially I’ve become WAY more clear – YEAAHHH!!!!

Another bonus has been the peace of mind. Because you took everything I had on my mind and structured it so I could make informed decisions. I was able to clearly choose, to say yes or no. Which has been such a relief.

The more passionate offerings I actually executed upon and put out into the world, the calmer I’ve become inside and out..”

grethe lous, Mariaestela, Spiritual, Coach, ACIMGrethe Lous, Energy Mentor

“Mariaestela’s experience and expertise within her field is something everyone can benefit from, no matter your field of business.

She’s not only worth gold business wise but also personally and economically.

Because of her I’m wiser and smarter about things I had previously no clue. I

t something that’ll stick with me as move forward – her guidance is solid and everlasting.

It’s not the last time I’ve worked with Mariaestela.”

About, Praise, Mariaestela, Business Coach, Spiritual, A Course in MiraclesMerethe Børgart, Intuitive Dog Trainer

““My sessions with Mariaestela were transformational. I felt so safe and secure sharing with her my biggest blocks. Even though cutting straight through the source of all the fog and BS my mind was creating, she did it always with love, care and support. I felt reinvigorated peeling off each layer that was weighting me down and opening up room for the goodness within me — Always through love. ♥ THANK YOU so much! ♥”

Journey with me, Raine Boyd, Mariaestela, Teacher, FacilitatorRaine Boyd, Creative

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