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The Magdalene Rising

Sacred Membership Circle for Souldriven, Heart Based Beings, Magdalenes Rising and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Join The Magdalene Rising Monthly Sacred Membership Circle to be supported in expanding, strengthening and growing your direct access and connection to Source and Divine Union with that which some, and I, call God. So that you may see with your inner eyes, hear with your inner ears, feel with your inner system and sense with your inner being. Thus experiencing the deep satisfaction, joy and fulfilment that comes from living fully aligned with your truth, based in love.

Every month you receive a powerful new theme inviting and guiding you deeper into the layers of your awakening journey. Supporting you in your unveiling, healing, transforming, expanding and growing from within.

Every theme is designed to lead you into deeper self-reflection, revelation and gnosis.

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Are you wanting to expand and grow from within? In love, with love, for love and by love?

If so, you have come to the right place. The Magdalene Rising Sacred Membership Circle is based in the premise of “Love is The Way”.

Not the airy, fairy, unicorn, butterflies and rainbows kinda love – no, the real kind.

The deep seated one that will support you when you are down, raise you higher when you are up. Hold you accountable when you are cowering and slap you silly when you do not see your worth.

Hello Radiant One

I’m Mariaestela,
Your Guide, Mentor, Facilitator & Catalyst.

The Magdalene Rising Sacred Membership was born out of my desire to share my wisdom, knowledge and experience with unveiling, healing, transformation, growth and expansion from within to as many as possible so that your and I may, together, through our being and doing be the most powerful agents for change in this our World. So that you may bridge heaven and earth, blend spirit and matter, bring light into the dark places of our consciousness, uplifting not only yourself but our collective creating a better world for all.

If this speaks to your heart and stirs your soul I invite you to join us in The Magdalene Rising Sacred Membership Circle – see you on the other side!

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xo, Mariaestela

About, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Host

Program Details


Every month you will receive:

  • Powerful Monthly Theme.
  • Guiding Video.
  • Gorgeous Guide & Workbook for print.
  • Audio-version of the guide.
  • Bonus material supporting you in applying the Monthly Theme if you’re a souldriven, heartbased entrepreneur in this lifetime (or wanting to be).

As well as Our:

  • Monthly 75 min. Live Community Call w. talk and Q&A session led by Mariaestela*.

*Our Community Calls are the second Tuesday of every month at 9 AM PST and are recorded and will be made available to you shortly after the call, so even if you can’t make it live you won’t miss out.

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Are you a Magdalene? Get the Blueprint
August theme


I am SUPER thrilled to be sharing this my first theme about the Divine Essences and their Shadow Aspects as I have found them to be foundational for any being or doing in this world. Used they can become powerful portals for the awakening, unveiling, healing and transformation propelling you forward in this life.

You will learn to recognise when you are off center, why and know what actions to take, or not take, in order to continuously perform the Sacred Marriage, the Divine Union both within and without staying centred and connected allowing you to experience total peace, satisfaction and content.

Most of this framework with its portals and levels came to me in a series of downloads during the first months of 2017. I have since been working with them and in using them personally I see the powerful value they provide for those who are ready to dig deeper, willing to cast of the shackles and lift the veils hindering your sight of Oneness and Unity.

I use the wisdom of the Divine Essences and their Shadow Aspects every single day and it give me such a simple way of quickly discerning what’s really going on, so that I may heal the root cause, rather than deal in putting out continual fires by focussing on symptoms.

If you are ready to join me on the journey of revelation, self-discovery, healing, unveiling, awakening and transformation click here to join The Magdalene Rising.


Once your subscription payment has been received you will receive an email with a link to the months Dropbox folder in which you will find all of the content.

For August 2018 this is what the folder looks like:

The Magdalene Rising Sacred Membership Circle, Mariaestela, Catalyst & Facilitator

That is really up to you, depending on how deep you wanna go. I would say, that to get the maximum out of it about 2-3 hrs. Adding more or coming back to it if you like.

The 2-3 hrs. is not including our Monthly Community Call.

No. Not at the moment. However it is something I am considering adding at a later date.
Ask within Radiant One. If you feel this speaks to your heart and stirs your soul it might be. If you’re in doubt take time to familiarise yourself with my voice and style in all of the free content I provide first.

As the delivery is instant upon purchase no refunds are offered. If you are unsure about whether or not to join, please take your time familiarising yourself with my work first.

Cancel your subscription by clicking the link in the original invoice email you received. If you’ve got any issues whatsoever send us an email at contact @ mariaestela . com
You can cancel and leave anytime you wish.
You will be charged…

Every month if you signed up for the 1 month option.
Every 3 months if you signed up for the 3 month option.
Every 12 months if you signed up for the 12 month option.

Until you decide to leave and cancel your subscription.

Got a question not mentioned?

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Take more time with this issue.

I want you to XYZ in the format you like best. To break up the work and reading, sign up and get one article every 3 days the next 2 weeks.


Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

In my guide Divine Clarity & Inspired Action I take you through 7 steps, so you’ll know not only exactly what to begin with but also exactly what first step to take.
Divine Clarity & Inspired Action, Mariaestela, Teacher, Facilitator, Catalyst